Singer Eulene shares her pain in new music video

Image: MaestroFuzz

Electro-pop musician Eulene shares her heartbreaking music video for her song ‘Heartbreak Hostage’. Blog Exit Through Sound shares their thoughts on the new single, “Eulene captures our attention, as she sings about heartbreak and the distress that it leads to with elegant charm.  The songstress uses her artistic side as an emotional outlet to capture the trauma of losing her father suddenly and unexpectedly.”

Eulene talks about the tragedy behind the video concept, “In this video I wanted to create a timeless art-piece to narrate the story of the song which is about losing my father, unexpectedly. I worked with two animators with motion capture technology of me dancing and applied it to a digital puppet. Then layered that in combination with animated 2D drawings alongside the process of degrading videography moments. It was a very cool collaboration and experience. I loved working with my animators to create this ageless and timeless video.

Eulene grew up in a family of art lovers and would attend events regularly with her parents. The songstress re-creates memories of her childhood with artistic flair, paying homage to her Dad, and the colourful childhood that she had.

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