'Tear This Place Apart' with Hooked Like Helen

‘Tear This Place Apart’ is the new single from alt-pop husband and wife duo Hooked Like Helen. Lifted from their upcoming EP Tragedy Of Physics, the track is centred around the ups-and-downs of being creatively and artistically involved with one’s partner.

Jon and Nikki Stipp met while while both playing in classic/ alternative-rock band Red Circle Underground, in Los Angeles. They later moved to Cleveland where they now currently reside, crafting their sound in an idyllic home studio in the woods.

“Being married to your musical partner is a gift that we wholeheartedly embrace, but there are times when the dynamic can get a little intense!” they remarked. “‘Tear This Place Apart’ is an artistic reflection of the moments of total chaos between us. We are completely entrenched in each other’s creativity and psyches, and there is really no line between life and art for us; this track is the expression of our tension and also the thing that mends us and brings us closer.”

The track is an intense power-ballad, showcasing Nikki’s vocals alongside piano hooks, intricate, rhythmic bass lines, and epic, driving drums. There is both anger and optimism in this offering that befits the subject matter and speaks to Hooked Like Helen’s ability to communicate to their audience.

Listen Below:

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